One of our most exciting features, as far as teachers are concerned, is our on-line testing. Members may log on at any time and have their students practice their objectives and take the tests. But what is really remarkable is that teachers will no longer have to do any grading. The test scores and detailed results will be automatically posted and analyzed directly on the computer screen. The moment a student clicks on the submit button, he or she will receive a score with a list of all the incorrectly answered questions. The student can print out this list and use it as a study guide to master the objective that is being tested. At the same time, the teacher will have access to same results along with the correct answers to the questions that the student missed. Teachers can then print these results for their records. They can also drop them into an Excel worksheet and keep track of their students' progress throughout the year with very little effort. Some teachers have little or no access to computers or printers in their classrooms. Our membership entitles teachers to print out the testing and study materials that they need for their classroom.

Last modified: Friday, 1 February 2019, 02:17 AM